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Summaries and citations to selected statutes governing court-related alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Illinois and the federal courts.


Summaries and citations to selected circuit, state and federal rules for court-related ADR in Illinois.

As this site is developed, additional local rules governing ADR (including domestic relations), Illinois statutes, ADR-related legislation under consideration in Illinois, and some out-of-state examples will be added. To suggest additions, contact CAADRS, including a citation, the full text of the statute or rule, and a summary. Also, please indicate why this example should be posted here.

Please note: The summaries generally are taken from the headings of statutes or rules. Only the full text of statutes or rules should be relied upon. The summaries are for convenience. They are not a substitute for the law. See Disclaimers.


The full text of the statutes and rules cited here can be found on the internet through for-fee on-line services. In addition, free on-line access to the full text of some statutes is readily available. Recently-enacted federal statutes are posted at The entire US Code can be found at The Illinois Compiled Statutes is located on-line at The Rules of the Illinois Supreme Court can be found on the Court’s web site at The local rules of some of the circuit courts can also be found on-line. Check our Selected On-Line Resources page for these listings. Further rules can be found at

If you prefer to do a more traditional search, the full texts of statutes and rules should be available through any law library. County courthouses and local law schools are often good sources as well.